Katrina Sriranpong, Former Immigration Lawyer, Vancouver
Katrina Sriranpong, Former Immigration Lawyer, Vancouver

Why Law Society of B.C. Suspends Lawyer Katrina Sriranpong?

Katrina Sriranpong, an immigration lawyer in Vancouver, has been suspended for three months after mishandling over $70,000 in client funds.
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A Vancouver immigration lawyer, Katrina Sriranpong, faced disciplinary action from the Law Society of British Columbia despite her self-reporting and lack of client harm.

Katrina Sriranpong, who practices immigration law in Vancouver, agreed to a three-month suspension after improperly handling over $70,000 in client funds between June 2016 and November 2018.

Warning: Katrina Sriranpong, The Windsor Group, and Associates Attempt to Suppress Information and Threaten Legal Action

We would like to bring to the public’s attention the recent actions of Katrina Sriranpong, a lawyer, and her associates at The Windsor Group, specifically Matthew, the President, and Jordan, an Executive Concierge.

It has come to our knowledge that they have been attempting to remove content from our website that they find “unpalatable.” Initially, they offered a fee to delete the content, claiming it was defamatory and copyrighted. When their offer was not entertained, they resorted to legal threats.

Jordan from The Windsor Group claimed that the articles on our blog were causing “severe harm and stress” to Katrina Sriranpong. They emphasized that due to a 1913 Thai law, Katrina’s last name is unique to her and her family, and any news or blogs about her affect her entire family worldwide. While we understand the concerns raised, we firmly believe in the freedom of the press and the public’s right to information.

The content in question relates to Katrina Sriranpong’s suspension from practicing law, which is a matter of public record. Jordan mentioned that the suspension has now elapsed, and Katrina is allowed to practice law in full capacity, if she wishes to do so.

However, we stand by our decision to keep the public informed about such matters. Attempts to suppress information through financial incentives or legal threats are unacceptable and raise questions about transparency and accountability.

We urge the public to be aware of these tactics employed by Katrina Sriranpong, The Windsor Group, and their associates. We will continue to report on matters of public interest and will not succumb to pressure from those attempting to silence us.

If you have any further information about this matter or have experienced similar attempts to suppress information, please contact us.

We believe in the power of the public’s voice and the importance of holding individuals and organizations accountable for their actions.

Please find their contact details below.

The Windsor Group
Phone: (647) 250-6127
Address: 2 Bloor Street West, Suite 700, Toronto, ON M4W 3E2
Website: windsorgroup.ca
Email: [email protected]

Katrina Sriranpong, who is only a Thai-speaking immigration attorney, suspension began on Monday, Jan. 17, 2022, and ended on April 17, 2022.

While no clients suffered financial losses and Sriranpong did not personally benefit from her error, the Law Society found that she failed to maintain proper records and trust accounts for handling client money from 17 clients across 22 files, involving some or all of $72,703.04 in legal fees.

She acknowledged using her personal bank accounts instead of an official trust account, lacking written confirmation of client consent to treat fees as her property upon receipt.

Across BC, law firms receive around $2 billion annually in trust deposits from clients, highlighting the importance of proper accounting practices (Law Society of BC Annual Report, 2021).

In 2022, the Law Society disciplined 26 lawyers for trust account violations out of 203 total disciplinary actions.

However, Woolley Discipline Data of 2018 found that only 0.2% of lawyers across Canada faced discipline for mishandling client funds in a given year.

Although a junior lawyer with no prior misconduct and positive contributions to the legal profession and community, Sriranpong was suspended for three months under the consent agreement.

The society noted her cooperation in self-reporting the issue and maintaining good relationships with many satisfied clients.

As a self-regulating body, the Law Society enforces rules around trust accounts to ensure proper monitoring and prevent misuse of client funds, which can lead to theft and fraud.

A LawPro Magazine’s 2017 report estimated that accounting irregularities cost Canadian law firms $300 million annually.

This disciplinary case highlights the importance of meticulous recordkeeping and approved accounting practices for lawyers handling client money, even when acting in good faith.

Sriranpong, the only Thai-speaking immigration lawyer in BC, has assisted refugees, combating human trafficking, and supported animal welfare charities.

Before her 2012 call to the BC bar, she practiced in Calgary before her solo Vancouver practice from 2014 to 2018.

One of the interviewees mentions that she is now a former immigration lawyer writing personal blogs and legal commentary on her website https://www.katrinasriranpong.com/

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  1. An honest lawyer who isn’t afraid of accountability. The decision from Law Society indicates she reported her own error, she had VERBAL consent from clients, but didn’t obtain WRITTEN consent. So, there was consent to use a normal bank account (instead of a trust bank account) which also explains why her clients provided letters supporting her. The Law Society Rules for BC don’t seem clear as to when consent needs to be written either. It’s definitely a gray area.

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