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How To Fund Your Adoption Ebook

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Lauren has happily married her husband, John, for nearly a decade. Together, they have adopted two beautiful children who came home from Ethiopia in 2011 and 2012. The Casper’s make their home in Virginia’s beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

However, Lauren’s arms weren’t always so full of love and laughter. After struggling with infertility for years (including two miscarriages), John and Lauren decided to become foster parents. This experience opened Lauren’s eyes and heart to the idea of adoption as it suddenly clicked with her that there were motherless children in the world, and she was a childless mother. The pieces fit, and soon, the timing did as well, and the Casper family was created through the blessing of adoption.

Lauren blogs about her ordinary and extraordinary life at laurencasper.com. She is also the co-founder of The Carry Camp, a ministry for women struggling with infertility, and part of the Created for Care team, which ministers to adoptive mothers.

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Lauren Casper

Lauren Casper is a best-selling author and activist who exposes fraudulent businesses through in-depth investigations. When not fighting scams and reviewing, she enjoys being a wife, mom, and amateur baker.

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