Mike Dreher and Darren Ewert Scam

Exposing Darren Ewert and Mike Dreher: Enagic MLM Scam

Darren and Mike, Enagic distributors from Vancouver, are scrutinized for exploiting Bhutanese with their MLM scheme, charging $149 for entry and additional for expensive ionizers, profiting from fees and sales commissions.
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Enagic, the renowned manufacturer of water ionization systems (Kangen Wate), is at the center of a storm. Operating under a Multi-Level Marketing model, Enagic offers distributors the chance to earn from personal sales and the recruitment of others.

But tread carefully, as MLM businesses often raise eyebrows, with concerns of pyramid schemes lurking beneath the enagic surface.

In this Enagic MLM exposé, we dig deep into shining a spotlight on two key figures: Darren Ewert and Mike Dreher.

Who are they, and what role do they play in this controversial scheme? Discover the truths, myths, and experiences of those involved as we uncover the secrets behind Enagic’s operations.

Before considering any MLM opportunity, arm yourself with knowledge. Investigate the company, examine its products, dissect the compensation plan, and delve into past participants’ testimonials.

The Vancouver Duo: Darren and Mike

Darren and Mike, Vancouver residents and top distributors in Enagic’s multi-level marketing scheme are under scrutiny for allegedly involving a method that exploits vulnerable communities in Bhutan through deceptive tactics.

The method has raised concerns among authorities and victims, who claim it operates like a pyramid scheme and defrauded thousands.

Enagic, a Japanese MLM company specializing in water ionizers, boldly asserts that its flagship product, Kangen Water, possesses health benefits despite lacking scientific evidence.

Intriguingly, this affirmation has enticed the dynamic duo of Mike Dreher and Darren Ewert, who later started with “The Dream Team.”

What is the Dream Team?

The Dream Team is an online business community that offers search engine optimization, digital strategy, and social media creative ideas to support businesses in the background.

It’s also a community of like-minded individuals who work together toward success.

The co-founders of Dream Team are Mike Dreher and Darren Ewert, who established the company in 2014.

Today, they support a community of online business owners worldwide.

Let’s jump on the Mike and Darren online business reviews, the dream team online business reviews, and who they are.

Dream Team Digital Marketing is a marketing agency that works with entrepreneurs to enhance their brands and become game-changers in their industry.

Who is Darren Ewert?

Darren Ewert is the Co-Founder of the dream team, an infamous MLM fraudster who ran a significant scam called the “Enagic Scheme in Bhutan.”

He has been evading authorities and the ire of his numerous victims by constantly moving from one country to another.

Darren Ewert allegedly earned over $14 million through his MLM scam, which primarily targeted people in Bhutan.

Darren Ewert, Vancouver, is a notorious MLM scammer who has made over $14 million through his scam, which primarily targeted a small Asian country.

He has been on the run from authorities, traveling from one country to another to avoid facing the consequences of his fraudulent activities.

Despite this, Darren’s PR team portrays him as an influencer, thought leader, successful entrepreneur, and visionary, offering energy and leadership that has inspired the creation of a booming real estate empire and business.

The PR team claims that Darren’s success rate is very high, and he has been in the business for 5.5 years, with hardly any member quitting.

However, the reality is that Darren and Mike Dreher ran a massive multi-level marketing pyramid scheme in Bhutan, where they sold expensive Enagic water ionizers.

The network of Darren and Mike has around 100,000 members, with the majority coming from the Philippines.

Bhutanese are made to pay USD 149 to become Digital Business Owners, and they must pay for overpriced Enagic water ionizers to become distributors.

Darren and Mike’s online business pocketed USD 149 and also got maximum commissions in the sales made by their Dream Team members.

The two would have made between USD 200 million and USD 300 million in sales, and a large portion of the commission would have gone to them, even if half of the members, or 50,000, purchased the machines to be distributors.

In the future, Mike and Darren would receive a portion of the distributors’ commissions when they use sales to bring in new members.

Although Darren’s PR team makes him sound like a business genius, he has a shady past, and his criminal activities should not be overlooked.

Who is Mike Dreher?

Mike Dreher is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dream Team, a company that offers online tools, technologies, training, support systems, and curated products to assist individuals in launching their ventures.

However, there have been allegations of Dreher’s involvement in a pyramid scheme called “Dream Team” that defrauded over a hundred thousand people.

The scheme has been described as shady, and Dreher reportedly made more than $14 million by scamming Bhutanese individuals.

According to reports, Dreher fled to Canada when local media exposed his activities and is now rebranding himself to continue his business practices.

Enagic MLM scheme, run by Darren and Mike

Enagic’s MLM scheme functions by recruiting distributors who sell Kangen Water to customers and receive a commission based on the number of individuals they recruit.

However, distributors often make false claims about the product’s health benefits, despite no scientific evidence to back these claims.

The distributors must purchase a Kangen Water machine to become a distributor, violating Section 55.1 of the Competition Act, which creates a financial burden for individuals who may not be able to afford the device but want to become distributors to earn a commission.

Furthermore, Enagic’s MLM scheme has been accused of operating as a pyramid scheme, where the focus is on recruiting new distributors rather than selling the product itself.

This is because distributors earn a commission based on the number of individuals they recruit as distributors rather than the number of machines they sell.

Enagic has faced legal consequences in the US for making spam calls to over a million people, violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

The Health Ministry in Malaysia has also taken steps against the sale and promotion of Kangen Water due to the lack of scientific evidence supporting Enagic’s health claims.

In Bhutan, Dreher and Ewert are accused of using deceptive tactics to sell Kangen Water, making false health claims, and exploiting vulnerable communities.

Their alleged pyramid scheme puts their financial gain above the well-being of those they recruit.

While not all MLM schemes are harmful, conducting research and ensuring that any company operates ethically and transparently is essential.

The Enagic MLM scheme, run by Dreher and Ewert in Bhutan, has been accused of making false health claims, exploiting vulnerable communities, and operating as a pyramid scheme.

The article “The Dream Team Or The Nightmare Mike And Darren’s Business” discusses an online scam where people are tricked into becoming Enagic distributors by joining a Facebook community group called the “Dream Team.”

The scam operates by advertising ordinary people who showcase how much money they make from their “online business” on Facebook.

They invite people to join their webinar, which costs $149 (US) to watch a pre-recorded webinar.

After paying, people join the Dream Team, where they learn that the business model is to become a distributor of Enagic products.

The article explains that Enagic is a company that sells water ionizers, and the Dream Team targets people to purchase one of three Enagic so-called “investments.”

The first investment is buying a K8 for $4890, one of Enagic’s most popular water ionizers.

The second is called the “Trifecta,” which consists of purchasing a K8, an Anespa mineral ion water spa system for $2890, and a 4-month supply of Ukon turmeric supplements for $760, which will auto ship to you three times a year.

The final and least common is the “Quad” or “Quadzilla,” a trifecta plus an extra K8 that most attach to a bathroom faucet or loan out to leads. The article notes that this would be an investment of around $15,000.

The article also points out that Mike and Darren have been featured in an Enagic newsletter discussing “building a community for distributors, which could help each other succeed and change lives.”

The Dream Team currently has more than 90,000 participants (Today, as of writing this article, the participant reached 100K), with many Filipino ex-pats affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and trying to make ends meet.

The article argues that the Dream Team is a scam involving false advertising and dishonesty. People are tricked into thinking they are joining an online training/business system.

Still, they are charged $149 US to be convinced they must become an Enagic distributor and buy an overpriced water machine.

The scam also involves secrecy, as they do not identify the business with a defined public brand, making it more difficult to find information about them online.

The Facebook groups are secret by design, and members are asked not to share information outside the group.

The scam targets people with minimal computer literacy, experiencing hardships with promises for easy money.

They encourage people who cannot afford the machine to take out loans or new credit cards.

The whole marketing pitch is based on the ‘financial freedom dream,’ which only about one to two percent of all independent consultants working for MLM companies can achieve by making the vast salaries that you hear about in the testimonials.

Kangen Water Reviews

There are numerous negative reviews on Kangen Water and many fact-checks that say the machine is just a marketing gimmick and does not cure.

There are also lots of negative reviews on Kangen Water machine services, its usage, benefits, and the claim given by Enagic International, and many complaints about the lack of effort for the services.

One of the reviewers mentioned her sister and her husband both got cancer after two years of drinking kangen water.

Lata Chan-Wi

In conclusion, the Enagic MLM scheme in Bhutan, Canada, and the USA, mainly run by Mike Dreher and Darren Ewert, has been accused of fraud, including exploiting vulnerable communities, making false health claims, and operating as a pyramid scheme.

The Dream Team, co-founded by Dreher and Ewert, has also faced allegations of involvement in a similar pyramid scheme.

You should conduct thorough research before joining any MLM scheme and ensure that any company operates ethically and transparently.

Surprisingly, a fake DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice, reportedly filed by an individual named Fernando Miller, has raised eyebrows due to its potential lack of legal validity.

The information submitted to Google LLC alleges copyright infringement related to an unspecified type of work. The content in question is associated with an online network, the ‘Dream Team,’ linked to Enagic, a multi-level marketing company based in Japan.

The alleged infringement was found on a Bhutanese website, while the original content was reportedly hosted on a Blogspot site, which is now deleted after accomplishing the Google removal mission. However, the specifics of the URLs have not been disclosed in the notice.

Despite the concerns surrounding the authenticity of this DMCA notice, it appears that Google has taken action based on the claim, leading to the removal of the specified URL.

This incident underscores the potential misuse of the DMCA process, which is designed to protect copyright holders but can also be exploited to remove content that may not infringe.

The situation has raised questions about the verification process of DMCA notices and the potential for false claims to slip through the cracks.

This particular DMCA notice’s authenticity and legal validity remain unconfirmed, warranting further investigation.

Stay tuned as we continue to follow this developing story.

Darren Ewert and Mike Dreher and 149$ Business of The Dream Team
Mike Dreher and Darren Ewert Scam

Mike Dreher and Darren Ewert, top Enagic distributors in Vancouver, face scrutiny for allegedly exploiting vulnerable Bhutanese communities with deceptive MLM practices.

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