April 26, 2024

Cannaglobe Review: A Pyramid Scheme Unlocked

CannaGlobe sells U.S.-made, natural hemp products via a pyramid scheme. Despite claims of quality, the MLM structure raises issues with pricing and focuses on recruiting distributors.
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CannaGlobe, a multi-level marketing company, has caught my attention due to its involvement in the pyramid scheme that unlocks compensation plans.

CannaGlobe claims to offer 100% natural hemp-derived products manufactured in the USA.

The company emphasizes its commitment to high standards in farming, formulation, and manufacturing processes to ensure the quality and potency of its products.

They utilize non-GMO, specially-bred hemp that is purportedly rich in CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids.

Despite these claims, CannaGlobe’s products, like all in this industry, require rigorous independent verification to substantiate their safety, purity, and efficacy.

When trying to find out more about the company, I realized that their website doesn’t have any information about its ownership or executive team.

However, I stumbled upon Marty Hale’s FaceBook profile, where he claims to be the founder and CEO of CannaGlobe.

Marty has a long history in the MLM world, dating back to the 1980s, and has held numerous executive positions in various MLM companies.

Despite the lack of clarity on CannaGlobe’s website regarding its leadership and ownership, the company was launched in 2018 and operates via a Colorado shell company called CG Companies LLC.

Curiously, the address used for registering CG Companies is linked to another company owned by Marty Hale, Livit International, in Texas.

While it’s not confirmed if LaCore Enterprises has an ownership stake in CannaGlobe, some of the company’s products seem to be formulated by LaCore Labs.

Given Marty Hale’s long and diverse experience in the industry, it’s intriguing to explore the MLM opportunities CannaGlobe offers.

Tasty Gummies, Edibles, and Beverages

  • Giggles Nano HDI Delta 9 Gummies, available in a variety of flavors, offer stress relief and a calming sensation. They are priced at $44.99 for 15 gummies and $139.99 for 30 sample bags.
  • Sidekicks HDI THCA Gummies pack a punch and retail at $44.99 for 20 gummies.
  • Aiming to enhance your focus, Microdose Lions Mane Focus is priced at $39.99 for 15 gummies.
  • Enjoyable and shareable Bakeables Brownie Mix, Cookie Mix, and Fried Chicken Batter are available at $59.99 for a 16 oz pouch.
  • Maxoutrx Mushroom Tarts Energy provides an energetic experience for $49.99 for 30 tarts.
  • Happy Snax Tarts offer a sweet and tangy bite at $73.99 for 30 tarts and $146.99 for 30 sample bags.
  • Non-alcoholic Moonshine Organics Craft Mocktail Shots are available at $49.99 for four 50 ml single-serve bottles.
  • Ignite Z-RO energy drinks retail at $32 for a box of twelve 16 fl. oz cans.
  • Blitzd Seltzer HDI D8 lightly flavored cannabis seltzer is priced at $39.99 for a box of four 12 oz cans.

Smokable Products: Joints, Blunts, and Vapes

  • SmokeBuds Pre-Roll HDI D8 joints offer a smooth experience with various varieties for $19.99 per joint.
  • Premium SmokeBuds King Palm HDI D8 blunts are priced at $24.99 per blunt.
  • Ideal for on-the-go use, SmokeBuds Disposable Vape Pens retail at $39.99 per vape pen.
  • SmokeBuds Cartridges provide a mellow experience for $39.99 per cartridge.

Supplement and Personal Care Products

CannaGlobe offers a range of supplements and personal care products, including pain and muscle balms, tinctures, capsules for focus and relaxation, aphrodisiac shots, sexual enhancers, and energizing dark roast instant coffee.

Unexplained Products

Unfortunately, a few products listed on CannaGlobe’s website lack proper descriptions. These items include Biscotti King Palm THCA Runtz, Biscotti Pre-Roll THCA Kush Cake, SmokeBuds Flower HDI THCA varieties, and a selection of Micro Dose products and Happy Snax Nano HDI Delta gummies.

Clothing Items

CannaGlobe also offers a selection of Ignite sportswear, priced at $19.99.

Miscellaneous Products

A few random products are also available, such as the SmokeBuds Table Runner, a white 10′ x 10′ canopy, and SmokeBuds silicone wristbands.

How to Qualify for MLM Commissions

To be eligible for CannaGlobe’s MLM commissions, I must have at least 3 customer points. The company’s documentation suggests ways to achieve this by:

  • Paying the $25 monthly membership fee, which equals 1 point
  • Having a monthly auto-ship order, accounting for 1 point
  • Referring a retail customer with a product order, which gives me 1 point

However, it seems this requirement is waived for basic affiliates and VDO Pro affiliates.

Different Affiliate Levels in CannaGlobe

CannaGlobe has six affiliate ranks, each with its own qualification criteria:

  1. Affiliate – Buy any product or register with paid VDO or VDO Pro membership
  2. Area Trainer – Recruit and maintain three VDO and/or VDO Pro affiliates
  3. Area VDO – Recruit three VDO or VDO Pro affiliates who are eligible for MLM commissions (refer to the “MLM Commission Qualification” section) and have at least 12 VDO and/or VDO Pro affiliates in the downline
  4. Regional VDO – Qualification criteria is not provided
  5. National VDO – Qualification criteria is not provided
  6. International VDO – Qualification criteria is not provided

The Mentor Bonus

I can earn the Mentor Bonus if, within my first 30 days, I recruit a VDO or VDO Pro affiliate who becomes eligible for MLM commissions. This will trigger a $175 commission, which is coded according to my affiliate rank:

  • Affiliates get $100
  • Area VDOs receive $175
  • Regional VDOs gain $200
  • National VDOs enjoy $225
  • International VDOs earn $275

The entire remaining Mentor Bonus is awarded to an upline International VDO affiliate if they are found during the commission coding. Additionally, there doesn’t seem to be a limit for Mentor Bonuses that a new CannaGlobe affiliate can earn.

Earning Residual Commissions

Residual commissions in CannaGlobe are paid through a unilevel compensation structure, which places me at the top, and all of my recruited affiliates directly underneath. Whenever any of my downline affiliates recruit new people, they are placed at lower levels of my unilevel team, potentially going down an infinite number of levels.

The residual commissions are a coded percentage of monthly retail and downline purchase volume. Higher-ranked affiliates can earn leftover percentages that lower-ranked downline affiliates don’t qualify for.

Matching Bonus Opportunity

As a Regional VDO or higher-ranked affiliate, I can receive a 20% Matching Bonus on the residual commissions (ranging from 3% to 12%) paid to my qualified, personally recruited affiliates.

Training Bonuses for Downlines

VDO Pro affiliates like me get paid for training our downlines, earning $40 to $100 per affiliate trained, depending on our rank. Additional bonuses range from $25 to $200; unfortunately, specific information about these bonuses hasn’t been provided.

Joining CannaGlobe

I recently discovered that you can join CannaGlobe at three different levels:

  • Bud: Just buy one of their products
  • VDO: Pay $420 and then $25 monthly
  • VDO Pro: Pay $720 and also $25 monthly

The main perk of choosing VDO Pro is your eligibility for Training Bonuses.

CannaGlobe Review: Thoughts and Considerations

I noticed several concerns with CannaGlobe, which I’d like to discuss.

One of these concerns is their product line.

Before diving in, I’d like to clarify that personal opinions on THC, CBD, CBG, or cannabis in general did not affect this analysis.

As long as CannaGlobe’s products are legal for adults where you live, it should not impact the evaluation of their MLM opportunity.

CannaGlobe seems to be quite vague about their product descriptions.

For instance, their Micro Dose Amanita Muscaria product is labeled “NOT FOR CONSUMPTION,” yet sold as capsules.

Amanita Muscaria is a poisonous mushroom with hallucinogenic properties, which raises questions about safety and transparency.

Furthermore, some of their other products don’t offer clear descriptions, making it hard to discern what they are without prior knowledge of cannabis-related terminology.

Regarding legality, CannaGlobe bases its products’ legality on the US Farm Bill, asserting their products can’t get a person high. However, the marketing seems to imply otherwise.

In addition to these concerns, it’s necessary to consider product competition.

The CBD market has become quite saturated, especially within the MLM sector.

As for product sourcing, it’s difficult to determine where they originate from due to lack of transparency.

One recognizable brand CannaGlobe resells is SmokeBuds, which has its own affiliate program.

Some product prices significantly differ between SmokeBuds and CannaGlobe though, which is worth noting.

Turning to CannaGlobe’s compensation plan, there are some potential red flags.

For instance, depending on the number of customer points earned, the program could lean too heavily on auto-ship recruitment rather than retail sales, possibly as a pyramid scheme.

CannaGlobe’s affiliate membership fees also raise questions.

The $300 difference between VDO and VDO Plus memberships may be questionable if it’s tied to training bonuses.

Lastly, I discovered a known scammer’s logo on one of CannaGlobe’s products during my research.

This raises concerns about possible undisclosed business arrangements.

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