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It’s Okay About It



Lauren began looking at the world differently shortly after her son learned to speak. Writing down Mareto’s unique phrases and thoughts helped Lauren find beauty and wonder in ordinary moments.

Mareto has taught Lauren how to live wide open.

Lauren is an author, designer, advocate, and amateur baker. She is also a wife, mom of two, and aspiring minimalist. Her writing has been featured on the TODAY Show, Huffington Post, Autism Society of America, Sesame Street, and more. She and her family make their home in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

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What readers are saying about It’s Okay About It

“Lauren does something beautiful in her book, It’s Okay About It. She shows the reader how we should pause and look at the world from the eyes of a five-year-old. From the beginning, you feel encouraged and inspired to look at life differently, and in a world where life can seem crazy and chaotic, a switch in viewpoints can be quite soothing to our souls.” – Jamie Ivey, host of The Happy Hour podcast.

“Balancing personal history with mama-bear sensitivity, Lauren Casper grabbed me by the hand and led me to discover God’s goodness through the lens of her child. In Mareto’s vibrant world of innocence and wonder, love is inexhaustible, community is essential, and generosity is a reflex. Life shimmers with hope on the other side of It’s Okay About It. I am grateful for their story. – Shannan Martin, author of Falling Free: Rescued From the Life I Always Wanted

“Lauren is a dear friend and mama who has journeyed through loss and love. Her tenacity and tenderness bleed from these pages, and Mareto’s delightful life lessons will captivate your heart and keep you coming back for more!” – Rebekah Lyons, author of Freefall to Fly and You are Free.

“Brimming with joy, self-awareness, and truth, Lauren Casper’s It’s Okay About It is a must-read. This is a beautiful book, one that’s written for all of us whose lives crave faith, simplicity, and wonder.” – Jessica N. Turner, best-selling author of The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You.

“This book is one giant mic drop. You’re in the middle of a winsome story, and then, Boom!, Lauren brings it. Or maybe it’s her son, Mareto. Mostly, now that I think of it, it’s Jesus. Which means this book is exactly what we all need. The simple reminders hold deep truths that will help you recapture the joy of your one beautiful life. Don’t miss this.” – Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of The Happiness Dare and Love Idol.

“Lauren Casper’s vulnerable storytelling style makes for a delightful read! Her son and their journey are unique to them but relatable to any reader who wonders where and how to look for God in unexpected places. I both cried and laughed out loud in public places while reading it, and found myself telling total strangers what had moved me.” – Beth Guckenberger, author, speaker, and Co-Executive Director, Back2Back Ministries.

“We are all in the trenches of loss, acceptance, turning over a new leaf, caregiving, and keeping the faith. In It’s Okay About It, Lauren Casper meets us in our trenches, bringing words of hope inspired by the honest language of her five-year-old son. Using his simple phrases, Lauren uncomplicates the complicated. Through the complexity of her story, we see the gentle bravery of motherhood and the transformative power of love.” – Mary Evelyn Smith, Librarian and Blogger at

“You’re going to LOVE this book. Through Lauren’s word and Mareto’s wisdom, you will be drawn into a delightful and encouraging glimpse of childlike faith. When you read, you’ll be slowed down and captured by grace and goodness–and you’re going to close the book each time you read, feeling a little more peace and sanctuary right where you’re at. Read it, pass it on to a friend, and read it again. You’ll be nearer to the Lord and more at ease for it.” – Jess Connolly, co-author of Wild and Free, author of Dance Stand Run.

“I read this book from cover to cover in only a few days, but that is because Lauren writes like the friend you entrust with your extra house key. I will be gleaning from this book for many years to come—remembering the rich, life-giving innocence Mareto offers me within these pages. Mareto taught me how to love better, breathe deeper, and be “okay about it” more often. Each time I remember to position myself as a student of my own children, I will thank Mareto (and his mom, Lauren) for the gift of this great book.” – Kasey Van Norman, bestselling author of Named by God and Raw Faith.

“Once I picked up this book, I couldn’t stop reading! Lauren’s writing is a gift of grace and tenderness. The stories of this beautiful family captivated me, and the profound and heartwarming lessons found in Lauren’s book wrapped closely around my heart. Lauren tells her story in a powerful way that lets Jesus shine through the broken places, allowing us to see the light of His goodness. It’s Okay About It will leave you hopeful, grateful, and encouraged.” -Courtney Westlake, author of A Different Beautiful.

“We would all do well to stop and see our world differently. It’s Okay About It helps me wipe the grime off my worldly lenses and see life with innocent hope. Lauren’s tender heart and tough mama’s spirit make her son Mareto’s story sing. It’s timely and needed for our sometimes cynical and hurting world.” -Hayley Morgan, coauthor of Wild and Free.

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