I am thrilled to have partnered with Thomas Nelson to publish at least two trade books over the next few years. My first book, It’s Okay About It, will be released on May 2, 2017, and is available for pre-order now!


For me, living with my five-year-old autistic son, Mareto, is a lot like playing the telephone game. He yells out little phrases originating in something he saw or heard, but by the time they go through his mind and back out of his mouth, they’ve transformed—often into beautiful truths about living a simple, authentic, love- and joy-filled life.

Mareto has several mantras, scripted phrases he says over and over. They seem silly at first, but as I’ve thought about them, I realized he shares important life lessons.

From “It’s okay about it,” a simple reminder that even when things are painful or difficult, things will be okay because of the God who promises never to leave or forsake his children, to “you’re making my feelings,” which teaches the importance of leaning into one’s emotions and, in doing so, sharing a piece of oneself with loved ones.

Mareto’s simple yet profound wisdom reminds us to embrace life’s broken beauty, believe in a God bigger than human comprehension, love others even when it doesn’t make sense, and find joy in unexpected places.

For all those looking to recapture the faith, simplicity, wonder, hope, courage, and joy of life, It’s Okay About It provides a guide to look inward and live outward, to discover the most wide open and beautiful life possible.

I am honored to be represented by the amazing Lisa Jackson of the renowned Alive Literary Agency.

You can find information about my self-published e-book, How to Fund Your Adoption, here.