Grant Cardone
Grant Cardone

Why Should You Stay Away from Grant Cardone?

If there’s one thing I can say with certainty, it’s that Grant Cardone is a high-pressure drug addict who earns money by deceiving people. In one of his videos, he claims he uses TRT and steroids.
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Grant Cardone’s videos involving inappropriate behavior with his daughter and mistreatment of his mother raise ethical concerns. If he acts this way with family, can he be trusted in business? The poor reviews about his business also raise doubts about his professionalism and trustworthiness.

Baths Naked With His 9-Year-Old Daughter

This video surfaced online the day before the 10X Growth Conference 3. 66-year-old Grant is told to “cover-up” while Elena shoots a video of him taking a shower with his 9-year-old daughter. While in some societies bathing nude with an adolescent girl might be okay, in our modern culture it is not.

Abuses His Mother

Grant Cardone and his twin brother, Gary Cardone, tormenting their 87-year-old mother. Elder abuse, misogyny, racism – be warned, this is NOT an easy watch. Grant Cardone forces his mother to eat with chopsticks and makes fun of her in a public restaurant.

This video has been vanished from the mainstream social media because of it’s disturbing nature. Some say it’s casual family fun, while other people realize how Grant Cardone & his twin brother Gary are tormenting their mother.

There are extremely racist comments made in this video, where Gary & Grant make fun of the Japanese culture as well.

This full 4-minute 44-second video is painful to watch. The mother isn’t comfortable using chopsticks or being filmed, however, Grant still forces her and laughs at her when she fails. She suffered from many physical ailments.

Mrs Cardone was a Catholic, had a Catholic Mass service and only her late husband is mentioned in her obituary. She hasn’t mentioned the kids there, possibly because of all the abuse she must’ve faced all her life.

How Miserably Grant Cardone Treated His Mother

Unfortunately, that’s not all. After Mrs. Cardone passed away, Grant posted an article on HuffPost where he talked about how he treated his mother. Here’s a direct paragraph from the post:

We pushed her, even against her will, to do things she did not want to ensure she lived life. During her senior years, we forced her to do things that she was resistant to and uncomfortable with. We often made her stay out later than she thought herself capable.

I remember a trip to Vegas where I kept my mother up all night to the point of her being exhausted just so we could watch the sun come up together.

I once made her walk the hilly streets of San Francisco until she thought her lungs would explode. I planted flowers with her long after she complained about her body aching and then insisted she make me dinner.

I made her dance with me at my wedding to rap music even though it embarrassed her. I would wait until she got in bed at night and call her just to get her up, and then call her early in the morning just to piss her off.

Here’s another direct paragraph from one of Grant Cardone’s removed articles:

One time after my mom had open heart surgery, I forced her to leave the hospital while she was still in intensive care, behind the doctors backs. Once we were out of that invalidative space, I ordered her to get out of the car and run around a tree for two hours.

So she could blow through all the body Q&A and somatics. When she tried to exit the car, she pretended to collapse, clutching her chest and even mocking up gasping for air and turning blue. I laughed with knowingness as I booted her ass out of the car onto the ground. Then I put on some really loud gangsta rap music as she begged me to take her back to the hospital.

To raise her cause level, I told her I wasn’t going to do any m********g thing at all until she proved to me that she was more “able” and played the KNOCKOUT GAME on some innocent wog pedestrian. I used gradients, telling her she only had to knock out one person. This is the kind of amazing OT day I am having and it’s only 9:30 am, how’s your day?Grant Cardone later removed this post after getting backlash

Demeans Homeless People

Grant Cardone leveraged the desperation of a homeless man and uploaded it on his social media accounts.

Shockingly enough, this video is still available on Grant Cardone’s official Twitter handle. Grant throws possibly a ten dollar bill in front of the homeless person and proceeds to ask him very personal questions out of nowhere including but not limited to, “What did your parents teach you about money” “What did your step-dad teach you about money”.

The homeless man gets emotional talking about his unfortunate situation, but Cardone is unfazed by it. Twitter did not like what Grant did with this homeless person. The top reply to this post is this:

Imagine a video of a professional bodybuilder walking up to an obese person on the street and asking them what their parents taught them about nutrition and then throwing a few supplements at them. Sorry but this was done in poor taste.@REALJOHNDOZER

@RealJOHNDOZER also suggested Grant to help out the homeless person by sheltering him in one of his “10,000 units”:

What would be cool is to put him up in one of your 10,000+ units and help him get on his feet. Document his progress and help him find some some steady work. He sounded like he wants an opportunity. If you’re looking for content that gets “views” that would be better than this…@REALJOHNDOZER

These videos and statements goes to show what kind of person Grant Cardone REALLY is. I was crazed by the deranged things this guy has said and done.

Grant Cardone is a Scammer

Grant Cardone is the definition of a self obsessed narcissist. According to Google a narcissist is a person who has an excessive interest in himself and his activities.

Well, that pretty much sums up Cardone’s whole existence. Just like Tai Lopez and Dan Lok, Grant is also a BS-selling guru who traps struggling people by showing off his flashy cars and properties. When people get in awe of his “amazing” success, he sells them his useless course which costs them their life savings. And guess what, they don’t even get a refund, because like other motivational gurus, Grant can’t afford to give refunds to his victims.

Why I’m Writing This Article

You buy a GC course and you get nothing. How can I say all this? Because my friend had a subscription of the Grant Cardone’s “Cardone University” for his company’s sales team. Trust me, it costs a lot of money. And what did he get for all the money he spent? Useless, cookie-cutter sales advice which almost every salesperson in this country knows. There was also Grant yelling and trying to sound professional sprinkled on top of all the nonsense. My friend, Josh told me he would’ve rather spent his money on bonuses, instead of Cardone University

It is important that you know the reality of Grant Cardone. Because if you don’t then you can also fall prey to this depraved and aggressive assh*le. My friend lost a lot of money due to this man, and I don’t think anyone else should go through something like this.

Grant’s staff is always pre-occupied and they don’t have time to hear your side or your problems. They only want you to buy something from them. Yes, whenever you talk to them, it should be about making a deal.

If you don’t buy something from Grant Cardone, you will be spammed 24/7. My friend always complains about the day when he first contacted these guys for buying one of their courses. It didn’t take them long to ruin his enthusiasm and show their true colours.

His experience with this big-headed drug-addict has been torturing. But I hope to alert anybody else who is thinking of becoming a GC student or thinking of working with (or for) Grant Cardone. If you don’t want to read the entire complaint, you can simply read the following sentence:

“Stay away from Grant Cardone”.

If you have sufficient time, please take a look at the experiences of my friend I’ve shared here. You can thank me later when you save those thousands of dollars in the future.


If you take any interest in entrepreneurship or business growth, Grant Cardone will begin to pop up in your feed. Whether it’s on YouTube or Instagram, Grant Cardone succeeds in finding his way in your feed. He makes many huge claims about his success and acts like a know-all.

image 12
Why Should You Stay Away from Grant Cardone? 12

Grant is a total jerk who never hesitates to show off. My friend had seen some of his content and one of his team members was a fan of this guy. Why? Because Grant says that chasing money isn’t wrong.

That’s a good view but having a unique perspective on things doesn’t allow the guy to start lying and start scamming people. That’s what Grant does. He scams people.

He is so full of himself that he doesn’t even care about his customers. His employees follow his footsteps and they behave the same way. They don’t hesitate to use cuss words with their clients.

My friend told me about how he heard a customer support representative saying, “I will keep f*****g calling you until you give me your business, sir.” What the hell is that? No customer service rep talks to a client like that. Grant’s staff should know better, after all, they work under the biggest marketer on the planet.

How it all started:

Well, my friend’s staff member, who was also a fan of Grant, requested him to try his content. At first, my friend wasn’t interested. He didn’t want to spend his money on a random trainer who he hadn’t heard much about. But the employee made some big claims such as, “Grant has helped grown many businesses sir, and he doesn’t cost much too.” The staff member was quite serious about his claims too, so my friend got convinced.

On top of all that, my friend’s business at that time wasn’t doing any better. His sales were at an all-time low and he wanted to make improvements. Maybe the staff member thought recommending Cardone University to his boss would be a good thing and might get him a promotion, who knows?

image 11
Cardone University has plenty of case studies on their website

On the website of Grant Cardone University and I was amazed to see so many experts there. There were plenty of positive testimonials present on the website praising the course in numerous ways so I thought it would be perfect for my team.

Highly Expensive:

Now, Cardone University is quite costly. Even for a single individual, it charges around $10,000 for a year’s access. Even after the discount, the amount drops to $1,497 per year but that is still a humongous investment for a single person.

image 10
Why Should You Stay Away from Grant Cardone? 13

They used to sell lifetime access to the course material but they have stopped it now.

When the personal plan’s cost is in thousands, you can assume how huge the corporate plan would’ve been. When he looked up Grant Cardone reviews, he didn’t find anything suspicious about him. There were a few negative reviews but apart from them, there were many which praised him. Grant Cardone was looking quite legitimate.

I requested my friend to share the cost of the corporate plan here but he told me that he had signed a non-disclosure agreement when he bought it. So, he couldn’t share the exact number. However, he told me that the cost was quite larger than the personal plans.

What Happened After He Bought the Membership to Grant Cardone University:

Initially Cardone University seemed like a great deal to my friend. He got access to multiple courses and all, and felt good about his decision. But then, he had also paid a staggering amount for it.

My friend told me:

If I had any idea that Cardone University would be so terrible, I wouldn’t have wasted my money on it.

You should note that my friend’s business wasn’t doing great at this time too. He had taken a big risk by paying Grant for this nonsense.

My friend wanted to buy a 3-month subscription but Grant’s salespeople urged him that he should at least get a 6-month sub. They had told him that his purchase was refundable.

He kept the course for around 2-3 months. The Corporate training of Cardone University didn’t provide much valuable information. There were some titbits that seemed to be of value but they were just the ideas which Grant believed in such as, always keep pressuring the client and things like that. You can watch one of the videos I’ve shared in the intro of this article to get a sense of what I’m talking about.

After nearly 5 weeks, my friend didn’t see any value in paying for the course so he asked them to cancel his subscription and requested a refund.

They Lied to My Friend and Didn’t Give Him a Refund:

After my friend made this request, they tried to delay it by not responding to his emails for a 2-3 weeks. Then, one day he received an email from them requesting him to reconsider this decision and

When my friend was buying the corporate training, they had told him that it was refundable, but they lied. They don’t issue refunds

My friend didn’t want to waste any more time of his staff on some nonsensical course which never made any sense in the first place. But they kept urging him to reconsider. He told me that he had an argument with one of Grant’s managers because they denied him any refund.

Note that my friend wasn’t asking for a refund of the two months he had used the course for. He was only asking for the refund for the four months left in his 6-month subscription. But they denied this request for no particular reason.

The Aftermath:

Things didn’t end there. He told me that after he canceled his subscription and lost several thousand dollars, Grant Cardone’s staff started flooding his email. Grant’s salespeople kept pressuring him to buy more of his products or services.

My friend’s experience has been pitiful and full of disappointment. I can tell you one thing: Never do business with any of Cardone’s products. You will only hurt yourself.


Grant has his own Wikipedia page where you can read all about his life story. The page says that Grant was born on 21st March 1958 in Louisiana (Lake Charles). He graduated from the LaGrange High School in 1976. After that, Grant went to McNeese State University and got a degree in accounting.

The Popular Background-lore of Grant:

Grant Cardone has a unique (and possible fabricated) story which he uses everywhere. This story has been published on various websites, including Investopedia and Inc. among other places.

Grant has many connections in high places which he uses for the sole purpose of promoting his shady brand. All these stories say that Grant used to do a lot of drugs (which can definitely be true) until the age of 24, after which he turned his life around.

The stories claim that Grant worked as a car salesman after college, where he didn’t do a good job. But some motivational stuff happened (like you see in movies) and he became something else.

Grant Cardone’s Reality

If there’s one thing I can say with certainty, it’s that Grant Cardone is a high-pressure drug addict who earns money by deceiving people. In one of his videos, he claims he uses TRT and steroids. There are so many things wrong about Grant and the worst thing is that people listen to him and follow him blindly. The staff member I talked about earlier, didn’t want to believe that Cardone University was so terrible. He is a fan of Grant and still follows him blindly.

There must be many people who think like this, who believe the worlds of a junkie charlatan and an abuser.

Victims Of Grant Cardone’s Scams

After hearing my friend’s painful experience, I did some digging myself. Unsurprisingly, many people are complaining about the terrible products and services of Grant Cardone.

Finding these reviews was quite difficult because they were buried deep within the internet. Grant must be spending a fortune on his reputation. The videos I shared earlier in this article were just like these reviews.

Grant buries negative complaints so he can promote his shady business without facing any consequences.

Most of the complaints against his companies are removed but with more and more people telling the truth, Grant’s rep management team has failed to remove a few of the complaint from the internet.

Grant’s sales people keep calling my business – I don’t know how to stop those lunatics

I want to be removed from the marketing list of Cardone Training Technologies!

The sales and marketing staff of Cardone University had contacted me a few weeks ago and I told them I don’t want it.

Even when I told them that I wasn’t interested, they contacted me almost immediately after that. This time too, I said the same thing, “I don’t want to join this program so don’t bother me, please!”. But those lunatics don’t listen!

The rep from Cardone University kept calling me. He has called me 6-8 times this week alone. I have refused their offers multiple times but they keep me on their list.

I must have told them about my disinterest about a dozen times but they kept saying that I should give them a try. The sales professional tries different tactics but I don’t think calling a lead 3 times a day is a good tactic.

I only want these people to remove me from their cold-calling list. The thing is, I don’t know how to do that. I have blocked their numbers but they find some way to contact me.

Grant Cardone Sales Training University Charged my Credit Card without Asking Me, I want a REFUND!!!

I had bought a book from Grant Cardone’s website, and I think they kept my credit card information too. Those thieves stole XXX dollars from me!

I was going through my credit card bills when I found that someone had deducted several thousand dollars from my account. My credit card is linked with my profile so there must’ve been an auto-fill or something like that. In any case, I called those people and requested them a charge back.

The customer service told me that I can’t get a refund because the 10X Growth Conference tickets are non-refundable. I didn’t even know if that was a thing. Regardless, I have been complaining about it with GC’s staff for weeks because they charged me for the ticket without even asking me. It is clearly a violation of consumer rights!!

Grant Cardone Employee Reviews – A Nasty Picture

Considering how his employees behave, I don’t think their experience is great with Grant Cardone’s companies.

image 4
The average rating of 3.5 is when Grant has spent a fortune on his PR

Most of those employees have no professionalism or decency. Initially, it seemed surprising but when I looked up Grant Cardone employee reviews, I found something horrible.

There are numerous complaints about Grant’s companies and how he treats his employees. Obviously, I can’t share all of them here but I have shared some so you can see just how terrible Grant’s company is.

The way his staff had behaved with my friend, and the various complaints I read about him, I had some idea that Grant’s management style isn’t very great. You should always remember that Gran’t spends a fortune on maintaining a stark reputation in the industry, and these reviews are still online!

image 5
A disgruntled employee’s review of Cardone’s company

In the review above, the ex-employee has said that Grant’s company fires people for random reasons. It seems his managers don’t know how important Human Resources are.

image 6
Why Should You Stay Away from Grant Cardone? 14

Here’s another complaint and here too, the person has complained about the management of the organisation. The complaint here is that the managers don’t spend much time in training the staff and don’t address many existing problems.

There were many more and you can find them by simply searching for Grant Cardone employee reviews. He is surely not the right person to run a company, I guess.

Cardone University

I believe Cardone University is one of Grant’s premier products. After how my friend explained his experiences with this place, however, it’s surely not worth your money. Grant’s staff keeps changing the fees for this place too. When my friend looked into it, the yearly access cost around $1,500.

Here’s what my friend had to say about this company:

The training material was trash to say the least. But the worst of it all is the customer service. They don’t listen to a thing you say! Believe me, there will be issues with the course and you’d be forced to contact those customer service representatives who talk like there’s a stick up their a$$E$$!

If It’s So Terrible, Why is it Still Selling Running?

Grant is a scammer and he knows how to get people, that’s for sure. His fake university is successfully running because of multiple reasons, but here are some I think are the most prominent ones:

The Rampant Claims

There are many reasons behind the popularity of Grant Cardone and one of them is the big claims he makes. Many people don’t trust those nonsensical claims, but there are those who do, and Grant makes money from the believers.

Constant ‘PR’omotion

Grant spends a fortune on promoting his courses and products. 10X Bootcamps, conferences, advertisements, and all the other things he does are mostly sponsored. These promotions help him too.

The Intricate Funnel

Like I said, Grant knows how to get people. And to make people buy his courses, he has created a system, which works in a manner like this:

  1. Someone watches his free content (YouTube videos, Instagram posts)
  2. The person starts following Grant and discovers his books and courses
  3. Now, the person thinks they would get some value but doesn’t want to invest much
  4. The person buys a book at first because it’s cheap
  5. After reading the book, they realise it didn’t offer much but now they have already invested a lot of time so they buy the course
  6. They tell others that they follow Grant and praise him (because they have already invested a lot and don’t want to make it seem like they made the wrong choice)
  7. The cycle continues with someone else

You should note that it’s simply my guess and the process could be longer, shorter, or completely different but you get the idea, right?


Grant Cardone has written several books:

10X Rule

image 7
The 10X Rule’s Cover

I haven’t read this book, nor has my friend. However, I have read the book is about growing at a 10x pace.

Be Obsessed or Be Average

image 8
Be Obsessed or Be Average’s Cover

This is the book my friend’s staff member had read and became the reason why my friend lost several tens of thousands of dollars.

The Millionaire Booklet

image 9
The Millionaire Booklet’s Cover

Grant’s books are mostly motivational (the same motivational stuff you see on YouTube) and he has designed them in such a way, that a person would want to hire him for corporate training (or buy his courses).

Cardone has been running a training company for years and these books help him seem like an industry expert. Anyone can start thinking that Grant knows what he’s talking about when he has written multiple books, even though those books don’t offer much to the readers.

Ultimately, these books are a part of Grant’s funnel and allow him to sell his expensive courses and seem like an expert (which he isn’t).

Grant Cardone Review – Conclusion

In conclusion, no one should have to waste tens of thousands to discover this fact – Grant Cardone is a scam.

When my friend had shared this experience with me, I was shocked. That loss disrupted his finances and nearly crippled his business. He had to take out loans to make sure he is still operational.

There must be many others who have fallen prey to this scam of Grant. I hope this article will help other people avoid falling into this trap.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Grant Cardone
Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is selling nonsensical trash and packaging it as valuable content. I don't recommend his products to anyone.

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