Dingenis Poppeliers, BRIC Group
Dingenis Poppeliers, BRIC Group

Dingenis Poppeliers of BRIC Group: Manipulating Clients with Fake Reviews

BRIC Group, a global real estate investment firm, hides crucial information about its portfolio managers' qualifications. With suspicious 5-star reviews and concerning terms, it's best to steer clear of this shady company.
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BRIC Group founded by Dingenis Poppeliers and run by CEO Robertus van Kuijk is a real estate investment company based in various countries, including the UAE, the USA, Spain, Brazil, and China.

However, it doesn’t provide any information about the qualifications of its portfolio managers, has shady customer reviews, and has manipulative terms and conditions.

Attention Potential Investors and Buyers: Concerns About BRIC Group, Managing Director Dingenis Poppeliers, and CEO Robertus van Kuijk

We recently received a troubling email from Astrid Petracchi, who purchased plots from BRIC Group in 2010. Ms. Petracchi has struggled for years to resell her plots or recover her investment.

Under the leadership of Managing Director Dingenis Poppeliers and CEO Robertus van Kuijk, BRIC Group allegedly made empty promises. They claimed they lost building permits due to resort dunes, causing years of delays. Ms. Petracchi hired an outside lawyer to obtain her title deeds in 2016.

According to the receipt of payment:

Client Name: Astrid & Nicolas Petracchi
Date: 11-08-2010
Project: Coral Lake & Beach Resort
Quadra and Plot Number(s): Quadra 05 CB 04, Quadra 05 CB 20, Quadra 19 CB 12
Total Purchase Price: $140,000.00
Payment Received: $91,932.96

Despite BRIC Group’s supposed resale department and Ms. Petracchi’s efforts over six years, no single buyer has been presented to her. Even friends posing as buyers were never offered her plots.

A video message from a BRIC Group resale employee mentioned the company buying back a plot, but BRIC Group denied this claim when questioned, calling their employee a liar.

Ms. Petracchi is now in contact with a lawyer in Brazil and another client with a case against BRIC Group, but progress is slow, and she’s unsure if she’ll recover her money.

We urge caution when dealing with BRIC Group, Managing Director Dingenis Poppeliers, or CEO Robertus van Kuijk. If you’ve had similar experiences, please share your story. Together, we can seek justice and hold wrongdoers accountable.
Astrid Petracchi

Below is the payment information Astrid & Nicolas Petracchi paid to the Bric group.

The receipt is from the BRIC Group
The receipt is from the BRIC Group.

The below document is a Development Permit (Licença de Implantação de Loteamento) issued by SEMACE (Superintendência Estadual do Meio Ambiente – State Superintendence of the Environment) in Ceará, Brazil on August 19, 1992.

Development Permit issued by SEMACE
Development Permit issued by SEMACE

It grants permission to Imobiliária Raimundo Maciel Ltda. to develop the “Lago Doce” subdivision in the municipality of Trairi. The subdivision covers a total area of 45.91 hectares, with 50.83% dedicated to lots, 5.21% to roads, and 16.86% to green areas.

The permit outlines several conditions, such as informing SEMACE of any changes to the original project, the need to seek additional permits for using the areas, the execution of drainage systems, and planting trees with a minimum density of 2%.

The following BRIC Group review takes a skeptical look at this company. You’ll learn whether this real estate investment firm is worth your time. Spoiler alert, it’s not. 

BRIC Group – What is it?

BRIC Group claims to be a real estate investment firm. They claim to offer services that make it easier for you to invest in real estate. BRIC Group offers its clients a ton of services and features. 

But their offered services have many issues. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have written this review at all. 

Dingenis Poppeliers is the managing director of BRIC Group and Robertus van Kuijk is the CEO. However, there is no information on Dingenis and Robertus’s qualifications, experience, or skills. 

BRIC Group’s website includes no information about Dingenis and Robertus apart from their face and names. For an investment consultancy, BRIC Group hides much information from its clients. 

People of Bric Group and Positions
People of Bric Group and Positions

And the same goes for all the other team members at BRIC Group. Other notable people at the BRIC company are Luke Baudouin, Sara Nogueira, Aida Castany, and others. 

All of these people are senior portfolio managers at the firm, but there’s no information on their experience and qualifications. 

BRIC Group doesn’t give any details about its experts’ qualifications or experience. You can’t know what kind of consultants you’re working with when you choose the BRIC Group. 

This is quite a drawback. Because BRIC Group claims to be an investment consultancy firm. 

When you’re hiring an investment consultant, you’d want to know about their skills and qualifications. 

An inexperienced or unskilled consultant would have a high chance of making mistakes, which would be very expensive for you. You wouldn’t want to risk your finances because of a consultant’s lack of skills or experience. This reason alone is sufficient for me to suggest avoiding the BRIC Group. 

BRIC Group Countries: Where They Operate

BRIC Group was started in the Netherlands in 1996. Since then, they have expanded to various BRIC Group countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Brazil, Hungary, China, and the US. 

They have 12 offices in different countries. Their headquarters is in Nueva Andalucia, Malaga. 

BRIC Group Countries’ office addresses are: 

  • Brasil: Rua Osvaldo Cruz, n.1 salas 1501-1504 Beira Mar Trade Center, 60.125-150, Fortaleza, Ceará, Brasil.
  • Spain (Barcelona): Carrer del Bruc, 21, Principal – 2 A 08010 Barcelona.
  • China: Asheng Building, Room 1203, No. 188 Jiangning Road, Shanghai.
  • Spain (Marbella): Centro de Negocios Puerta de Banus Oficina 39 – Bloque E, 29660 Marbella. 
  • USA: 320 Wilshire Blvd. Casselberry, FL 32707.

If we go by these office names, they have expanded their services substantially over the years. But having multiple offices only doesn’t mean a firm is a client-centric company. 

On top of that, there isn’t any way to verify the different BRIC Group countries’ offices. Third-party business listings don’t reflect BRIC Group’s name when you look up these addresses, which is another red flag. 

This company has resorted to multiple shady tactics to promote itself. And that’s definitely not a good sign. 

The first red flag was the lack of data on their MD and portfolio managers. Are their portfolio managers operating without any certifications? If so, you can’t trust their advice. 

On the other hand, if they are certified, why isn’t the company displaying that information? It puts their credibility in question, regardless of the offices they have. 

As we’ll discuss the different BRIC Group reviews, you’ll find out why this real estate consultancy firm is not the best choice for you. 

BRIC Group Reviews: Suspicious Positive Reviews 

If you’d look up BRIC Group reviews, you wouldn’t find many reviews on this business. For a company that has been operating since 1996, they have very few reviews on their services. 

BRIC Group Reviews on BRIC-Group.com 

You’ll find a dedicated page on BRIC Group’s website that lists out their various BRIC Group reviews. When a company posts its own reviews on its website, you know you can’t trust them.

After all, why would a company share its criticism on its website? 

On BRIC Group’s website, you’d find a ton of BRIC Group reviews that you can’t verify. There are 20+ reviews on their official website, which they claim are from their clients. 

However, there’s no way to verify these reviews. These people don’t give ratings or share insights about the company; they only sing praises of it. 

BRIC Group Fake Reviews
Dingenis Poppeliers of BRIC Group: Manipulating Clients with Fake Reviews 10

You’ll see random names with long paragraphs praising BRIC Group as the best investment advisory company. There’s no way to know if these are real people; you must take BRIC Group’s word for it. 

For a company operating for 20+ years, no single customer can share a picture of themselves with their testimonials. Is BRIC Group legit? I don’t think so. 

BRIC Group Reviews on Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a popular review website. However, their credibility has always been in question because of their business model. 

On Trustpilot, BRIC Group has a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating: 

BRIC Grop Rating
BRIC Grop Rating

That’s not all. 

The reviews of BRIC Group on Trustpilot are quite sketchy. First, they are all 5-star reviews, but they don’t share any specific details about their experience with the company. 

Why am I raising suspicion on BRIC Group’s Trustpilot reviews? 

Because of this: 

image 3
Dingenis Poppeliers of BRIC Group: Manipulating Clients with Fake Reviews 11

As you can see, it’s very easy to get positive reviews on your Trustpilot profile. All you need to do is shell out a few hundred bucks. 

If you’d notice BRIC Group’s reviews on Trustpilot, you’d see they are from accounts that haven’t posted any other review. This means, they created an account solely to post a 5-star review on BRIC Group’s Trustpilot profile. 

image 4
Dingenis Poppeliers of BRIC Group: Manipulating Clients with Fake Reviews 12

Have you ever created a dedicated social media profile only to post a single 5-star review on a business? Chances are, you haven’t. Because it doesn’t make sense to put in so much effort for a single review.

On the other hand, if someone is paying you to do the same, it would make a lot of sense to create an account and post a 5-star review. 

Due to these reasons, BRIC Group’s positive reviews are quite suspicious. You should read them with a grain of salt. 

BRIC Group Real Estate Consultancy: Shady Terms and Conditions 

BRIC Group is a real estate consultancy firm. They claim to provide you with personal portfolio consultancy that helps you determine which investments match your requirements the best. 

They also help you with in-house compliance and assist you at all purchase stages. But when you hire a portfolio manager, you hire an expert, right? It seems BRIC Group doesn’t trust its portfolio managers itself.

Their website, bric-group.com, has an entire section for their investment portfolio with different investments. According to their terms and conditions, you shouldn’t take any information on their website as financial advice. 

Their T&Cs also mention that you can’t hold them liable for their recommended investments. All your decisions while following their recommendations will be on you. So, if their portfolio manager recommends a poor investment, you can’t hold them liable. 

This is certainly a shady tactic. Moreover, according to their T&Cs, the prices of the properties you see on their website can change anytime. This clause gives them another opportunity to scam investors.

Suppose you decide to buy a property through the BRIC Group company. You can’t trust the price you see on the website because it can change over time. And once the seller knows you’re interested in the property, can’t they increase it at the last minute? 

Would you walk away from that deal if your BRIC portfolio manager is constantly recommending you to buy the property? 

The terms and conditions of this company make it very difficult to trust it. That’s why it would be best to avoid working with them altogether. 

BRIC Group Real Estate: Verdict

BRIC Group has too many red flags for an international real estate investment firm. The company’s terms and conditions put all the liability on the client, and its website gives no information on the qualifications or experience of its portfolio managers. 

Moreover, the positive BRIC Group reviews are too sketchy to trust. 

It would be best to avoid this firm because they are too unreliable. You can easily find a company offering you real estate investment services without putting you through many hurdles. 

Bric Group
Dingenis Poppeliers MD of BRIC Group

BRIC Group, a global real estate firm, operates in the UAE, USA, and China. However, it lacks transparency about its portfolio managers' qualifications, has dubious customer reviews, and manipulative terms and conditions.

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