Aaron Sansoni
Aaron Sansoni

Aaron Sansoni: The Manipulative Man Behind Fake Reviews

Aaron Sansoni, Chairman at Sansoni Management in Melbourne, Victoria, uses a manipulative sales funnel, plagiarizes content from prominent speakers, and offers nothing of value.
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Aaron Sansoni is a self-proclaimed sales coach who makes his living by selling overpriced tickets to his plagiarized events. I’m not the one saying all this; his customers are. 

In the following review, I explain who Aaron Sansoni is, what he does, and what his customers say about him. I have also exposed some unethical and illicit marketing tactics he uses to deceive consumers. 

Who is Aaron Sansoni? What He Claims To Be:

Aaron Sansoni is an entrepreneur, author, investor, and international speaker. He has worked with several high-profile businessmen, including Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

He runs two companies, Paragon Global Investments and Empire Group International. He has worked with multiple publications and sells coaching services to interested entrepreneurs. 

Aaron claims his content has reached over 250 million people worldwide. Moreover, he claims to have taught over 350,000 students on and offline from over 100 countries. 

On paper, he seems like a prominent personality. However, he has received too many complaints for ripping off others. 

According to multiple reviews of his courses and programs, he doesn’t help his students. Many have complained that his events are overpriced and a total scam. 

Before I share some of the reviews on him, here are some frequently asked questions on Aaron Sansoni:

Is there an Aaron Sansoni Wikipedia page?

Currently, Aaron Sansoni’s Wikipedia page is not available online. I have shared most of the information here on this page, but you can also check out his numerous social media profiles. 

What is Aaron Sansoni’s Age?

Aaron Sansoni is around 40 years old. He has been in the self-help and speaking industry for many years. 

What is Aaron Sansoni’s Background?

Aaron Sansoni revealed in an interview that his father was also an entrepreneur. This inspired him to start a business himself. He learned about business by watching YouTube videos and reading books. Apart from this, he hasn’t shared much information on his background.

What is Aaron Sansoni Worth?

According to the man himself, Aaron Sansoni’s net worth is $55 million. However, this number is not guaranteed to be accurate, as he claimed to have such a high net worth.

Who is Aaron Sansoni’s Wife?

Aaron Sansoni’s wife is Elena. He revealed her name in an interview a few years ago. With his wife, he launched the “Aaron Sansoni Foundation.” 

Aaron Sansoni and Elena Sansoni
Elena Sansoni

Elena Sansoni, Vice Chairwoman of the Aaron Sansoni Foundation, is a highly educated academic pursuing her PhD. She holds a BComm, GradDipEd, and MEd.

As a co-founder of the Aaron Sansoni Foundation, Elena brings valuable experience and insight to the organization.

Having grown up in an underprivileged background, she is dedicated to raising funds for Australian charities that support those in need.

When is Aaron Sansoni’s Birthday?

Aaron Sansoni’s Birthday date is 14 April. 

What are Some Attractive Aaron Sansoni Jobs?

As he runs multiple companies operating in different industries, various Aaron Sansoni jobs are available under his companies. These include roles in media and retail as well as management.

How Does Aaron Sansoni Make Money? 

Although he claims to run a venture capital firm, it’s obvious that he makes his living by selling his public speaking services and coaching programs. He offers many products, including: 

  • Activate365
  • Evening with Aaron
  • Tribe Mastery
  • Sales Mastery
  • Empire Mastery
  • Million Dollar Agent Bootcamp
  • Entrepreneur’s Summit

Are these services worth it? Not according to the Aaron Sansoni reviews I found online.

Let’s look at what his customers say now that you know the guy. Even though he claims to be an expert sales coach, his customers disagree:

Aaron Sansoni Reviews: Scam, Fraud and More Complaints:

“They Don’t Pay Their Bills, Small Business Beware!”

Aaron Sansoni review

Michael points out that Aaron and his company don’t pay their bills to small businesses. Note that Aaron Sansoni holds many events and has to rent locations and pay them appropriately. 

The above reviewer must be one of those businesses. 

Similarly, Aaron runs multiple companies, all requiring office space. 

Michael highlights that Aaron’s company owes him money for his office in South Melbourne at 88 Montague St. 

He has referred them to debt collectors. 

Also, Michael points out that Aaron Sansoni doesn’t respond to emails. 

“Authorities Need to Look Into Him”

Aaron Sansoni review 2

The above reviewer attended the Aaron Sansoni Entrepreneur’s Summit in 2019. He points out that the event was just bait for selling his boot camp. According to Aaron, the event included ‘revelations’ that cost $547,000. Aaron claims that clients will get knowledge worth $500,000 and only need to pay $3,999. 

The reviewer highlights that Aaron had kept a stringent deadline for people to sign up. He was surprised to see how many people signed up for the program, even though it was a worthless upsell. The reviewer suggests that the authorities should look into him and his unethical business practices.

Aaron Sansoni Manipulates People Using Horrible Psychology Tactics

Aaron Sansoni review 3

Here, the reviewer says Aaron Sansoni is a fast-talking salesman who claims to sell you an experience of a lifetime by saying he will sell you $500,000 worth of self-valued material for $3,999. 

The above reviewer attended one of his bait seminars in Brisbane. There, he saw how Aaron had designed the morning session to condition the audience not to let any opportunity go. 

He announced a prize for the first person who stood up and went to the back of the room. Four people stood up, but only one had the “courage” to go to the back of the room. That person returned with a bottle of champagne. 

The reviewer highlights that the hard sell came in the afternoon session. Also, the place had three double-door exit points, but Aaron’s staff had blocked off two by placing tables in front of them. They blocked off half of the remaining entrance as well. They placed the tables in front of the entrances and set up the camp sign. 

Aaron spent 2 hours hard selling his boot camp. Then, he used his morning conditioning session and asked the audience, “Who wants to take advantage of this opportunity to better themselves and earn over $500,000?”. 

Aaron Sansoni Relates to the Audience By Telling an Unverifiable Story About His Childhood

Some people raised their hands, and Aaron’s staff moved them to aisles. Around 90% of the audience had put their hands up. Then, Aaron started claiming they only had limited spaces and told them to head to the back of the room and sign up for his 4-day camp.

The reviewer was surprised to see how many people signed up. Furthermore, the reviewer says that Aaron Sansoni connects with the audience by telling a sad story about his childhood. However, it’s unclear if the story is true or not. 

He also shares a picture of his mother and sister and talks about a tragic time in his life. He does all this to show the audience that if he can get successful, they can too, and he sells them his seminars. 

The reviewer hopes that the people who buy into his seminars can at least get their money back. However, the reviewer also adds a sarcastic remark at the end, saying that maybe he didn’t spend the money on Aaron’s seminar, so he’ll always remain mediocre. 

Don’t Trust This Scammer. Most of His Claims are Unfounded

Aaron Sansoni reviews

The reviewer says they attended one of Aaron’s bait sessions in 2022. In his experience, the event was just like all the above reviewers explained. 

In the morning session, he uses psychological manipulation and conditioning. According to the reviewer, Aaron creates a sense of urgency for the audience by reiterating the manta’s “Massive and Immediate Action.” 

Aaron tells the audience they are unsuccessful in life and business because they fail to commit to their decisions. So, the solution is for them to take “Massive and Immediate Action.” In other words, they should rush to the back of the room and sign up for his expensive and useless training programs. 

After all, people are losers because they fail to take action. According to the reviewer, Aaron spends the entire day setting up the afternoon hard sell. There, he takes things up a notch. The reviewer says the afternoon session was like a cross between a fast-paced music video and an infomercial. 

It made the reviewer realize they didn’t want any part. He could get past the “Sansoni Mafia,” blocking most exits. 

The reviewer begs readers to avoid Aaron Sansoni and all of his products. He suggests people spend some time researching him. They will find that most of his claims are baseless, and no information is available on his so-called “Empire.”

Aaron Sansoni is a Phony Salesman

Aaron Sansoni review 5

James attended Aaron’s Entrepreneurs Summit and didn’t take anything from it. In his experience, the summit was bland. It took the usual ‘how to run a business 101’ approach and provided nothing of value. 

James ended up walking out just before Michelle Bridges arrived on stage. Also, Aaron’s promotion of his boot camp was like watching a TV ad that keeps saying, “But wait, there’s more!” James says that Aaron needs to add more to his seminars to make them worth it. 

Aaron Sansoni is a Joke and Full of BS

Aaron Sansoni reviews 1

Several users posted comments in response to the review I shared. The person above said they couldn’t agree more. They point out that Aaron keeps saying how he knows Sir Richard Branson. 

He might have been in a room with him and had one picture with him. That’s it. The reviewer went to the three-day seminar with him. There, he urged everyone to sleep only three hours a night. Then, he slammed all 400 people into a 10-degree room. 

The reviewer points out that Aaron’s people had pre-cooled the room to freeze out everything. Then, they started pushing everyone into signing a $40,000 contract. 

According to Aaron, cold is directly related to your decision-making skills. The reviewer says he is a joke. Also, you can’t get your money back after the first. He might be able to motivate some people, but the above reviewer says he is just full of BS. 

Below are a few more comments. 

One person highlights that they visited one of his seminars and saw nothing of value. Also, it was terrible to see how he manipulates people into signing up for his program. Another commenter points out that Aaron only regurgitates other people’s content as his own. If people listened to him closely, they would realize it was all a sham. 

duBt5cFo1rcBUvdagim7yBoXKr9KmBJAL9byx9Svrg8vIRRndoWkl nch5xJRSUmajv3AoN imsG7tTg0b85HXkgXP9Dhwz17JrVykXIcGfluENyNpLb3grQt aOJOl7Z9UEXizAKpZN83kKQQ

Another Reviewer Pointing Out How Aaron Sansoni is a Scammer:

aBBgDFY4vKr6fcTf4cL6 ivGoUj5IPuzuCrk0gCdRd078hXizFTQTYysTI4vGF7l3srOKWBOF pAdUPDi1wbzkfYWoByY75mlsbPmJKY

Here, the reviewer had signed up for The Sales King program. He finished the 12-month inter-circle mentorship with him and paid him $44,000. The reviewer says all of his money went down the drain. According to the reviewer, Aaron lies about having a venture capital firm to seem more credible. He makes it seem like he invests in others’ businesses so people would sign up for his programs. 

Also, the reviewer says Aaron has stolen all of his content from Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, and Joel Baur, among other notable speakers. Furthermore, he edits photos of himself with these people to use their credibility for his promotion. 

Aaron claims to have over 20 businesses which is another lie. According to the reviewer, his only business is speaking workshops, which he holds for $4,000. They include Sales Mastery, Leadership Mastery, Empire Mastery, and his $40,000+ coaching programs. 

Also, he gives himself an astonishingly high net worth which he values. Not only is this untrue, but also deceitful. The reviewer says people should fall prey to these unethical practices and save money. Aaron lives the epitome of “fake it till you make it.” 

The reviewer has explained his sales funnel in detail, which he uses to manipulate people into buying his plagiarized courses:

How He Manipulates People Into Buying His Courses:

He starts by running low-ticked events costing business owners $20-$100. There, he runs an intro video that “reframes” the audience by employing deceptive NLP strategies. 

He shows pictures of himself with Tony Robbins and Sir Richard, claiming to be the new Sales Superstar. Then, at the end of the low-ticket event, he pitches his $4,000 three-day boot camp. 

He often talks about the boot camp and uses time-wasting reframes to explain what he’ll teach there. Aaron keeps reiterating, “I haven’t even started yet.” 

By the end of day 1, you’ll realize that most of the content is rehashed and does not give any credit to the people he stole it from. 

In his boot camp, he shocks the audience by using his “Mantra,” which he has stolen word by word from Tony Robbins. Then, on the evening of the 2nd day, he will inform the audience about running a “Free VIP Lunch,” which anyone can access through his Coaching and Mentorship program. 

On day 3, he runs the “VIP lunch in a separate room” and pitches the 12-month Inner Circle Program. He uses scarcity tactics there and says he wasn’t expecting this many people and didn’t prepare enough forms. Also, he would tell everyone that they don’t accept everyone as it involves an application review process. 

Aaron Uses a Manipulative Sales Funnel, Plagiarizes Content from Prominent Speakers, and Doesn’t Offer Anything of Value

Afterward, he sells the Inner Circle Program for over $40,000. He claims it will help you take your business to the next level and give you access to all his resources. You’ll also get access to his VIP email. The reviewer has used it, and they ignore most of your emails. 

Furthermore, he claims to give you access to his Inner Circle Facebook Community, which has over 60 members. He also claims to offer trips and tours through his “Aaron Sansoni Foundation.” 

The reviewer highlights that Aaron also sells quarterly 1-hour calls with himself in this program. He spends the whole hour discussing his self-indulged successes and doesn’t discuss your business. 

The reviewer requests that the readers of his complaint avoid buying any of Aaron Sansoni’s courses. He can’t teach you anything new if you’ve been in business for longer than 20 minutes. 

When you’re part of the Inner Circle Program and approach him with one of your business problems, he will tell you to go to the Inner Circle Facebook group. 

Reviewer Doesn’t Like Most of the Contrived Inspiration Stories, Suspects He is a Scam

1lr pSm abJ8DS3DgjBZDF3y91d8RqSoq5pvVqEaU99 i3yf2EoX4d629eDPi06SftMwkFSP Y4dp8CQFMSUhQKp2a42l1A89ze4eFgRcImT1Xo2Q3LkX4YOGNESZcbq7qmh04XjmfU7IMzo7A

The above reviewer attended one of Aaron Sansoni’s events at the Perth Convention Centre. He wanted to see Kerry Fitzgibbon and Janine Allis. 

However, both of them spoke for only 45 minutes. Aaron and his trainers took up most of the time. 

The reviewer shares that they had one short break (15 to 30 minutes long) during which they had to buy their lunch. He points out that the event could have easily provided the audience with a catering service, but they probably didn’t care. 

They were there from 8 AM to 5:30 PM, and the reviewer lasted until then. He left because he didn’t want to attend the Q&A with Aaron. 

According to the reviewer, Aaron Sansoni spent most of his time talking about his boot camp, and his trainers talked about their journeys. All of them provided a little common inspiration material to the audience. 

He says the only good thing about the event was Janine and Kerry’s speeches. Both of them were very insightful and provided the audience with valuable information. Also, Aaron threw in a bit of his sales knowledge but it was nothing special. All of it was common knowledge. 

The reviewer says he didn’t like the contrived inspirational stories. Also, he didn’t like how Aaron Sansoni kept reminding the audience that he wasn’t there for himself but for the people. Yet, he spent the majority of his time talking about his successes. 

The reviewer says it seemed quite egotistical. He didn’t buy into Aaron’s boot camp because he was not wealthy and intuitively felt that Aaron was a scammer. 

The reviewer highlights that most of the stores were contrived. Also, when he Googled Aaron, he noticed he was not as famous as he claimed to be. 

Aaron Sansoni doesn’t offer any refunds, so avoid them!

LvoQ8dwqGkAJwu2VSXtO80msmd1q8vsnSe7 fU13CbgsM53e4VUIudBw3lS7BiHD1x 7ekRgDsnG1

Here, the reviewers highlight that Aaron scammed them into attending one of his boot camps, which cost them $4,000 each. They requested a refund multiple times because they didn’t think Aaron fulfilled his promises before the program. 

However, the company doesn’t issue refunds without charging a $1000 cancellation fee. 

Another person responded to this review and asked if they got a refund. The second reviewer’s friend had bought his $4,000 BootCamp, and when he asked for a refund, they offered him credit for his other scam services. 

Aaron Asks People In His Events To Give Fake 30-Minute Testimonials to Participate in a $1000 Draw

Tf9dMNx0sOznNu E Gvqn56ep zwX0 MIke8dT12PcLtaxdf5YbfpuqXdNGIasLrJxnVC2hR1EhI QNh3aeNB9LpNcuWJMNxijWTnmGit4y AqNjQdATYBmxnrHRtj5H3FUjYfJhFXpNb ZC7g

This reviewer went to 3 different training events of Aaron Sansoni to see other guests (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Branson, etc.). However, he only saw Aaron. 

He points out that Aaron’s sales pitch is the same at every event and that he lies about his every success. Furthermore, the reviewer says Aaron takes pictures with other people’s cars and yachts, acting as if they are his own. 

The reviewer even calls him a modern-day snake oil salesman. He wonders why the authorities haven’t looked into him. Aaron’s lies are too outlandish. 

Also, he has so many videos on YouTube and the internet of people praising him because he offers a $1,000 prize at his events to anyone who does a quick 30-second video with his team. 

The reviewer points out that he saw two people joking about how none of them had ever seen him before, and he would give a testimonial on the guy to participate in the $1000 draw. 

Moreover, the reviewer highlights that Aaron Sansoni sometimes attacks those who complain about his content by using fake names and emails. 

Additional Aaron Sansoni Reviews:

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Aaron Sansoni Reviews: Using Fake Reviews to Manipulate Consumers

As you must have seen, Aaron has received many complaints from his disgruntled clients. However, like most fake gurus, Aaron uses cheap and unethical marketing tactics to distract consumers from the problem. He has a dedicated website titled “Aaron Sansoni Reviews,” where you’ll find 500+ unverifiable “testimonials” from his so-called customers. 

gdC0l8kcUmZhl1m ab mnjK6 tGeL43QJ9A9ja zooHO2LPVy3m0piBHc9TsQfL6dZdbfWuDbhO2 nkijh0yrturvJDbKmDH ohsPz3rQPkTMQj9sln0i9ES6IGWq6IiZYY5Pk D8zbZFQc14g

The testimonials praise his various events and products. However, you can’t verify the authenticity of any one of them. He bought a website called “Aaron Sansoni Reviews” and filled it with fake reviews. This way, he can bury actual reviews and complaints his victims have posted online. 

Using fake reviews like this is highly unethical. However, Aaron isn’t the only “guru” who uses this method to deceive consumers. It’s a pretty common tactic among online scammers.


Aaron Sansoni is not a reliable sales coach. He has received too many complaints for stealing content from renowned gurus and is notorious for using cheap tactics to deceive consumers.

Furthermore, many clients point out that he is highly selfish and uses psychological manipulation to take advantage of gullible consumers. 

After seeing his reviews and his unethical business tactics, I don’t recommend him. Plenty of other “gurus” can help you gain the right knowledge, but don’t fall prey to this scammer. 

Aaron Sansoni
Aaron Sansoni

Aaron Sansoni has received numerous complaints from customers for selling plagiarized content at excessively high prices. He is highly manipulative and uses fake reviews to boost his credibility.

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  1. Dear Lauren, This is a wonderful piece and incredibly refreshing as my partner and I both fell victim to the hype, which left us in a world of debt. I am so sorry I ever went to his event and I really wish there were more people like you calling out the BS.

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